Mar. 8th, 2009

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Ok, my birthday party will be on the 21st of March (even though my birthday is actually on the 10th. here is the info about the party:

Come celebrate John's 35th birthday a little late at our house on Saturday, March 21st at around 6 PM till when ever. Come and take a tour of the new addition on the house that you've all read about, but keep in mind, it's still no where near finished. We'll be running Rockband II on the PS3 along with potentially other stuff depending on popular demand in high definition on our 50" plasma tv. We'll also probably have DDR going downstairs with 2 dance pads. The invitation is open, but we ask that you RSVP so we can have an idea on the amount of foodages and beverages. Though, feel free to bring stuff to share, if you feel the inclination.

We might have some left over alcohol from the wedding, but it's kind of old and the good stuff's pretty much gone, so we recommend you BYOB.

Look for reminders and additional information in the coming weeks!

Hope to see you there!

Let me know if any of you need directions.


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