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[personal profile] hugme there is a ton of new stuff we need to do before we can pass our electrical final most of it is stupid shit. Some of it I'm pissed off about.

There are some of the really idiotic things Cobb county is making us do.

Because of the type of door we put in place. It being a pocket door and not a hinged door, we need to add another outlet. No, I'm not kidding, I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.

There is a light fixture that has to be moved 3 inches. It passed rough... so why the move? the light has to be in the middle of the pantry, which it was, but because we put permanent shelves in the room they count as the line for the wall. So now the light is too far to one side. Even though the shelves don't reach the ceiling.

The cabinets have to be finished. so you think there are outlets or any power running into the cabinets? nope, none at all. All the outlets and power come from the wall behind the cabinets, which is finished. The outlets are done and not moving. The cabinets have nothing to do with the power what so ever. They do however have to be finished before we can pass inspection.

Suddenly an outside outlet is required. Which should have been noted on our rough... You know BEFORE we put up the walls that we now have to drill holes in so that we can run the cable for the outside outlet... but it wasn't... suddenly it's required now.

so no, we didn't pass our inspection, and the bad part is that our permit will expire in a week if we don't pass another inspection sometime from now until then. if we don't they are going to put a hold on it and I will have to go to the courthouse and renew it... AGAIN.

This is insane. I am never, ever going to get a permit for work I'm doing to my house again. They wonder why people don't want to get permits? THIS IS WHY!!!


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